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Do you want to ‘Harmonise the World’?  
Join Redland Rhapsody Chorus and find out how… 
Women of all ages and backgrounds make up Redland Rhapsody Chorus: students, dancers, actors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, homemakers, grandmothers, mothers, daughters. We have a spot on the risers for you!

To become a member requires the ability to sing in tune, and to "hold your part". You will be given as much training and support as you need. Membership education is a strength of our organisation.

The chorus welcomes visitors to our open nights.  Learn more about a cappella harmony, enjoy the friendship on and off the risers, find out about chorus membership and the audition process. Come to sing or watch, either way it is an evening of great vocal harmony, education, friendship and fun.
Please contact us to indicate your expression of interest. We'd love to hear from you! 
Phone Meryl: 0402 801 470

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